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Life After Lockdown: Freedom At Last

Life After Lockdown
2021 18 March

Well, the year 2020 has been a year unlike any other. As optometrist, we were all very excited to be ushering in the year 20/20, as the term commonly describes “good normal vision.” We have had anything but “normal” this year. And as we emerge out of lockdown and start to embrace a new COVID normal, we wanted to reflect a little on what life during COVID has meant for our eyes.

It has meant, more indoor time, more screen time, more time spent on near tasks and less exercise. Our kids have been hit the hardest, no junior sport, dance or hobbies and activities that they love. School has been staring at screens, and then downtime has meant either reading to relax or more screen time playing games. This unfortunately has taken its toll and as most of us can attest to, more screen time has meant more strain, fatigue, tired eyes and even headaches.

What this means for the younger eyes, is increased risk factors of short-sightedness (myopia), where seeing in the distance becomes more blurry. But blurry vision in the distance is only one part of the story, as myopic eyes mean longer eyeballs. Longer eyeballs, tend to lead to increased risks of further eye diseases in adult life. Increased concentrated near tasks, less outdoor time and low levels of light exposure are all known factors that contribute to send messages to the eye to continue stretching out and making the retina (back of the eye) thinner. This is abnormal growth of the eye, which is what we want to try and avoid.

Fortunately, we now have some amazing treatments available to counteract the “abnormal” growth of the eye. And aside from regular checkups to monitor the growth of the eye and vision, some simple lifestyle changes such as spending at least two hours of time outside every day will help, having good lighting while reading or even something as simple as the 20/20 rule: Which is having a break from near tasks every 20 minutes and looking at something far away for 20 seconds, can all help. So the take home message is now that we are allowed out more and the weather is becoming conducive for it, head outdoors, with sunglasses and a hat on and look after your eyes for the longer term.

As the year draws to a close, we want to send a big heartfelt thank you to everyone in the community who has supported us so much over the years and particularly this year. WE have all been doing it tough with the challenges that COVID has brought, but the great thing about the community is its spirit. As your local optometrist and a small business, we really appreciate the wonderful relationships that we have with you and look forward to a more positive 2021.

At Dingley Eye Centre, we are passionate about your vision and the health of your families’ eyes. Call us to make an appointment, book online or come down for a chat about how we can help you and your children to prevent or reduce the impact of myopia on their quality of life and maintain healthy eyes. We wish you a fantastic festive season, hopefully spent with loved ones finally and enjoy a great summer!

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