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Myopia Management

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We are strong advocates of Myopia Management and follow the latest evidence based treatments in helping children grow up with healthy eyes and good vision. Myopia (short-sightedness) is becoming a major public health issue, as it is projected that by 2050, 50% of the world’s population will have impaired distance vision – that is over 3.7 billion people will be shortsighted by 2050!

We believe in empowering children and parents with the knowledge and treatments that have been proven to be most effective in slowing down myopia progression. Techniques such as orthokeratology (similar in concept to dental braces, but for your eyes), speciality soft contact lenses, new cutting edge optical lenses and atropine eye drops are some of the methods that we employ to slow the rate of abnormal eye growth, reduce eye strain and provide clear vision for children.

This is an ever-evolving and really exciting area of optometry that we are passionate about and are proud to be involved in, where we can truly change a child’s life for the better.

Find out more about the current Myopia Management strategies that we employ at Insightful Eye Care:

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