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Dry Eye Management

Dry Eye Management

Do your eyes feel gritty, stingy or sore?
Do you find yourself uncomfortable after extended computer use?
Do your eyes water or become red?

You could have dry eyes!

Dry eyes and its associated symptoms are caused by imbalances in your tear film, the clear liquid coating on the front surface of your eye. It consists of two main components: the “watery” and the “oily” layers. Whether it is due to environmental factors, systemic conditions, medications or hormonal changes, any disruption to this delicate tear film balance can result in discomfort – luckily at Insightful Eye Care we offer a range of solutions for all of your dry eye needs.


Lubricating eye drops, commonly known as “artificial tears”  have traditionally been used as a first line defence against dry eye symptoms. These products work by replenishing elements of your natural tear film and mimicking the effect of balanced tears. These can be in liquid, gel or ointment form, both preserved and preservative free. There are many varieties of lubricants available so it is important to discuss with your optometrists the best product and dosage to manage your individual dry eye disease.

Nutritional information and supplements

There is emerging research supporting the use of nutritional support and supplements to ease the long term symptoms of dry eye disease. Comprehensive, multifactorial dry eye studies such the DEWS II report emphasise the importance of adequate Omega 3 and 6 intake to positively induce changes to your tear film. This can be introduced to your body via dietary changes such as eating more oily fish or with over the counter supplements such as Lacritec.

At home treatments

Treatments such as warm compresses, lid shampoos and gland massage performed at home may be recommended by your optometrists, with the aim of managing the conditions leading to your dry eye symptoms and acting to prevent further discomfort. By breaking the cycle of blepharitis-induced dryness or promoting healthy oil expression from your glands, these at home treatments can supplement the use of drops to holistically manage your dry eye disease.

In chair treatments

Here at Insightful Eye care we offer in chair treatments for your dry eyes that supplement the use of drops and at home treatments. These involve the physical heating and expression of your eyelid oil glands using Blephasteam goggles and forceps / Mastrom paddle. These treatments are periodically applied depending on the severity of your dry eyes and can help to promote healthy and consistent oil secretion to supplement your tear film.

Clinic interventions

Other clinic interventions we here at Insightful Eyecare can employ to manage your dry eyes (depending on your presentation) include:

  • Lacrimal lavage: this technique involves flushing a saline solution through your tear duct into your nasal passage in order to sweep away any blockages and allows your tears to drain properly, rather than spilling down your cheeks
  • Punctal plugs: these are tiny silicone plugs that are positioned into the opening of your tear drainage passage in order to conserve your tears and allow them to remain on your eyes for longer.
  • Prescription medications: as therapeutically endorsed optometrists, we have the ability to prescribe topical drugs such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drops to manage your dry eyes and subsequent symptoms as well as make recommendations to your general practitioner regarding the use of oral antibiotics such as Doxycycline.

So book yourself in today for a comprehensive eye test and dry eye assessment!

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