Optometrist Services in Beaumaris

Conveniently located on Centre Dandenong Road in Dingley Village, Insightful Eye Care is the team you can rely on if you’re searching for an optometrist in Beaumaris and the surrounds.

Our professional team have been providing holistic eye care and eyewear services for more than 30 years, and we offer services for the entire family.

The range of treatments and services we offer include:

To make an appointment, call Insightful Eye Care’s Dingley Eye Centre or book with us online.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology has dramatically improved over the years, resulting in more comfortable and effective contact lenses. Whether you want to give contact lenses another try or you’re interested in using contacts for the first time, the Insightful Eye Care team can assist you. For contact lenses near Beaumaris, make an appointment with our Dingley Village team today.

Eye Tests

The number one step you can take to protect your eye health is booking in for regular eye tests. The Insightful Eye Care team will ensure your eyes are as healthy as possible while also checking your prescription, monitoring for diseases, and carrying out a range of other checks. Organise your eye test near Beaumaris with the Insightful Eye Care team today.

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