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Are you concerned about digital eye strain and the effects of blue light on your eyes? At Insightful Eye Care, we can recommend a range of strategies to assist you, including blue light filter glasses. With practices in Dingley and Richmond, our team is ideally located to assist you with blue light glasses in Melbourne.

Blue light filters, or blue light glasses, are lenses that may be able to assist you with eye strain and the effects of blue light from devices. These glasses are usually worn to combat the artificial blue light from computer screens, mobile phones, and other digital devices. However, blue light is also a naturally occurring colour that exists in sunlight, and in many cases, you can be exposed to more blue light outdoors than sitting in front of a computer screen.

If you are struggling with tired, dry or irritated eyes, it is important to visit an optometrist for a comprehensive examination. Many factors can contribute to eye strain and visiting a professional is the best way to identify the cause of your symptoms.

At Insightful Eye Care, we may recommend several options to assist with your eye strain. This includes taking regular breaks from your digital devices, as well as treatment for dry eyes. Our team can also discuss blue light filtering, binocular vision issues and we may recommend blue light glasses for you.

To discuss your options, please contact us today and organise an appointment at our Dingley or Richmond practices.

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